On a trail on the outskirts of Granada


jimmy Hogg

07 Mar

March 7th,
a trail on the outskirts of Granada

decided just to carry my laptop everywhere, that way I don’t have to
think about the things I want to write later, but can write them
whenever I want. Obviously a notebook would be way more convenient,
but I know from experience that it’s highly unlikely that I will ever
transfer the things I put on paper to any readable format.

think I’ve said it before, but Granada is really quite beautiful.
It’s obviously quite touristy on the weekends and there’re people on
bachelor parties (dressed up as spiderman) and bachelorettes (the
bride to be being led around town on a donkey whilst all her friends
are dressed as matadors) and lots of people in the streets selling
bullshit that you would never want to buy although people must buy
the bullshit at some point otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people
selling it.

accidentally bought a piece of really shit cheesecake earlier- I was
getting a coffee (which is so totally my thing now) and a quick snack
and I misunderstood the translation and ended up with some shitty
cake from a box. Obviously I ate the whole thing because I’m in this
travellers mentality where nothing goes to waste and I’m counting the
pennies- it’s the only way I can reasonably justify not working for
ten weeks.

I just found out late last night that all my immigration bullshit is
over, so I can stay in Canada. Which is a huge relief- it hasn’t
really sunk in yet, but it’s great to be able to plan my future,
something I’ve been delaying for years. Although now I have to
actually come up with some kind of plan. Balls.

I was just walking on some off road trail through the hills- lovely,
secluded, peaceful- all the good things a nature walk can be and then
I stumbled across a couple who had obviously been having and intense
argument / break-up conversation- and it’s all a bit awkward because
when you’re in the country you have to say hello, even though the
circumstances may not be ideal for chitchat. Anyway, she was crying
and I decided to say, “Lovely day,” which it is, she just looked
at the ground and the dude said hi. Cool.

a good chat with Freddie- he’s the Swede who works at the hostel-
speaks English with a slight cockney accent which I always enjoy. He
went to university here about twelve years ago and just decided to
stay. He was telling me about this expression the Spanish have for
white Europeans- they call us ‘Guijos’ which is the name of some kind
of plant but basically it refers to anyone who goes red on the first
sunny day in spring. They also, sometimes call us ‘langostas’ (which
means lobsters) for obvious reasons. All Asians are referred to as
‘Chinos,’ South Americans are ‘Latinos,’ and everyone else is either
‘Los Negroes’ or ‘Los Mooros.’ Apparently none of this is considered

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